Fuel line fittings.

Without much clearance because there’s a carb right underneath it’s not possible to use the original fuel tap, so I cut off the outlet pipe and drilled and tapped it to use a fuel banjo instead.


Shift lever

I’d toyed around with mounting the shift lever top the alternator bearing cover  and after deciding where to put the foot pegs it seemed it was meant to be. It seems to work well. I’d be a bit concerned about causing a problem in a crash, except the foot peg will be solidly mounted so should protect the lever.

Seat foam and cover

Cutting and attaching the seat foam was easy. Making the cover was pretty heard and time consuming. A Tesco brand sewing machine is not the best tool for the job, and some bits I had to hand sew. It’s not the best, but for a first attempt it’s OK, and looks pretty good until you get close. I’m going to add some buttons to to give it more shape and it’ll need a hand strap or some kind of hand hold for the MSVA.

Chopper Seat foam Chopper Seat Foam Chopper seat

Working Girl

Ducati Chopper

This is the life the last bike I built now leads – taking me 3 miles to work and back in all weather. I know it’s not good for a bike to do loads of little journeys, but that’s all I really have time to do with work, kids, other family commitments and trying to scrape time together to build another bike. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to do it any harm, and it always starts in the morning. The lane behind my house that leads to where it lives is just a muddy slope in winter, so it’s pretty well covered in crap now (literally – dog crap, fox crap), but hey-ho – no time to ride, definitely no time to clean.

Son of Narrow Strike Eagle


Narrow Strike Eagle

My favourite bike of the last few years is Hide Motorcycle’s ‘Narrow Strike Eagle’. There’s something about the bike, it’s stance, that makes it look like it’ll be a lot of fun to ride. Maybe it’s the short forks and wheel base, that make it look like it’ll go around corners and generally be a nimble ride. Check out this video of the bike being ridden by it’s owner, he rides it hard, and obviously loves his bike – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nLmgn-JBv8

The Japanese chopper scene is really inspirational to me. I have to thank Chop Cult’s contributors to the ‘Japan Scene’ thread for showing me what’s going on over there. While the vintage chopper scene in the UK and The States seems to be  contest to see who can build the most ‘authentic’ 60’s and early 70’s style bike the Japanese are developing new styles of vintage style custom bike at an alarming speed – Zero style, Brat style, they do a whole thing with swing-arm Harley FXRs that’s all their own.  But more than their wicked style, what comes across is how much they LOVE their bikes, and how much fun they have. It’s big smiles everywhere for these guys. You get non of the bullshit hard biker attitude that seems to come with a motorbike over here.

Hidemo short chop

Anyway, the reason for this post is this – Hidemo are doing it again. I saw this  on their blog – http://www.hidemo.net/category/blog/  I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, it already looks like it’s going to be super chuck about-able and great fun to tear around on.