Starting the Electrics – key switch, coils + CDI on order

So the electrics are the next stage in the build. The coils are Magnetti Marelli which is the same brand Ducati uses, but they were sold as being for a Lamborgini, and much cheaper new than buying used Ducati ones. The key switch is kind of hidden under the tank. It points down so the key has to be removed when you switch it off, but at least that means I can’t leave the key in there by mistake.

I can’t use an original Ducati ignition system box, as the bike should be fuel injected and I imagine without the injectors and lambda sensors it will go into some safe/limp mode. Plus the ignition boxes are pared to a particular key switch and key as a security feature.

Luckily it’s easy to get an after-market ignition system that plugs into the original ignition trigger on the bike. Ignitech in the Czech Republic can make an ignition system for any bike, including odd ball stuff like this. I’ve had two off them before for carbie Ducatis and they’ve been faultless. I just email them saying what I want, they invoice me for 140Euros and a custom fully programmable (you can add a throttle position sensor, change the ignition advance curve as well as run a side-stand cutout), but also plug and play ignition system gets delivered. Sweet.


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