Cable to hydraulic conversion

So the only clutch master cylinders I like the look of are Ducati ones. These match the brake master cylinder I have, although that’s from a Cagiva Mito, not a Ducati. However, Ducati Clutch MCs with remote reservoirs are at least ¬£60, so I thought I’d ¬†take the opportunity to set up a remote cable operated master cylinder instead, as it’s something I’ve wanted to try, and gives the cleanest possible handlebar without doing something stupid like a foot clutch (never!).

This one is from a scooter, to operate the front brake. Ducati dry clutches are heavy (if you run all 6 springs, my current bike runs four and doesn’t slip) and they are particular to master cylinder bore size. There’s a fine line between the clutch being super heavy, and not disengaging properly. Older Ducati MCs were a 13mm bore, and very heavy. Newer ones are 12mm and lighter. My current bike has a 1/2 inch (12.4mm) MC off a different make and it is light enough with only four of the six clutch springs but not amazingly light. I’d not like to get caught in heavy traffic with all six springs on there. Anyway, the bore size of this MC seems to be 11.5mm, which might be straying into too small territory, with clutch disengagement issues. Probably when it’s good and hot. We’ll see.

If these master cylinders work then great, they’re cheap and plentiful. The only other ones like this I could find were from 80’s BMW R models (expensive) or early Kawasaki Z900s or Z1s (unobtanium, or very at best very expensive).


Fuel fittings Pt 2.


So I decided that I’m too old to cope with another bike with no reserve. My current bike has a reserve but it’s so tiny it hardly stops spluttering before it starts again.

So I made a threaded bung, cut a hole in the tank and welded it in place. It should give a decent reserve, and I can make it larger by using a longer banjo bolt. I’ve got a twin tank in-line fuel tap that fits nicely in the side panel grommet hole you can see on the tank there.

Internal throttle

This is the internal throttle fitted. It’s for 1 inch bars, but there was plenty of meat on the section that fits into the cut down handlebar. Plus these BMX bars aren’t very thick walled, Chro-mo, don’t you know! I made a slug to stuff in the end because the twist sleeve bit is ridiculously short. I extended the bars on the other side to match the new width using part of the bit I cut off from the throttle side.

My plan is to have just the brake hose and clutch cable visible, so it looks like the brakes on a BMX, if the BMX has two brakes, and massive levers.