Front brake caliper mount.

I decided to use a 6 pot caliper, I guess, cos I want a strong brake. Now I’m going for a general 80’s theme with this bike, you might have noticed. Well, do 6 pot calipers fit in with that theme? Um, not really, if I’m honest. But do you remember when you first saw a 6 pot caliper on a motorbike? If it was on a GSXR750 then it was in 1994. Boo. However, according to the ISR Brakes website the first use of a 6 piston brake caliper in racing was in 1989. Phew, just scraped in there! – See –

Anyway, that’s just being silly, the main thing is it’s a big fucking 6 pot caliper which should hopefully slow me down quickly when such a thing is desired. I made a mount, as you can see. It’s steel, so it’s pretty heavy, but who cares, it won’t break, and the extra weight is offset somewhat by there only being one of them.


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