Front brake caliper mount.

I decided to use a 6 pot caliper, I guess, cos I want a strong brake. Now I’m going for a general 80’s theme with this bike, you might have noticed. Well, do 6 pot calipers fit in with that theme? Um, not really, if I’m honest. But do you remember when you first saw a 6 pot caliper on a motorbike? If it was on a GSXR750 then it was in 1994. Boo. However, according to the ISR Brakes website the first use of a 6 piston brake caliper in racing was in 1989. Phew, just scraped in there! – See –

Anyway, that’s just being silly, the main thing is it’s a big fucking 6 pot caliper which should hopefully slow me down quickly when such a thing is desired. I made a mount, as you can see. It’s steel, so it’s pretty heavy, but who cares, it won’t break, and the extra weight is offset somewhat by there only being one of them.


BMX Handlebars. Digital display.

I turned some little slugs on the lathe and tapped them, then welded them to one of the sets of BMX bars I have. They’re really cheap ones, and therefore made of quite thick  high-tensile steel, instead of thinner chromoly, basically the same gauge as you’d find on most production motorbikes. The grip area will need to be made wider to fit everything on there. I’ve got an internal throttle to use so hopefully they’ll still look pretty clean and BMX’y.

The speedo/rev counter head unit is by Dakota Digital. I would guess its from the late 90’s but it’s display uses green 7 segment units, which looks totally 80’s, like when the computers come on-line in the beginning of Alien.

Bristol Bike Show 2016 – Winner – Best Custom!!!

That’s right. Best Custom. I couldn’t be happier. Check out the pictures of the mad bike that won the Best In Show Trophy – absolutely bat shit crazy. I wouldn’t want to ride it far, but it’s more of a rolling work of steam punk art that a commuter bike. That’s not to do it down, it’s great. A lot of work went into that bike.


Best Custom. Bristol Bike show 2016

Best in Show. The pics don’t do it justice, there were loads of clever touches, if you look there’s an upturned bottle to the left of the tank, that’s the fuel gauge, it just fills up with petrol. There’s a compressor and the front end rises up a few inches on start-up.