Mid Controls, Foot Pegs, Rear Brake Master Cylinder


Here’s the rest of the stuff that makes the foot controls fitted. The foot pegs are BMX stunt pegs.


Shift lever

I’d toyed around with mounting the shift lever top the alternator bearing cover  and after deciding where to put the foot pegs it seemed it was meant to be. It seems to work well. I’d be a bit concerned about causing a problem in a crash, except the foot peg will be solidly mounted so should protect the lever.

Seat foam and cover

Cutting and attaching the seat foam was easy. Making the cover was pretty heard and time consuming. A Tesco brand sewing machine is not the best tool for the job, and some bits I had to hand sew. It’s not the best, but for a first attempt it’s OK, and looks pretty good until you get close. I’m going to add some buttons to to give it more shape and it’ll need a hand strap or some kind of hand hold for the MSVA.

Chopper Seat foam Chopper Seat Foam Chopper seat