Seat base fibreglassing


This is my first go with fibreglass. I checked out some guides and videos on-line, tried to distil it down to the bare essentials and got stuck in. £30 of chopped strand matt and the cheapest resin from an online supplier, some foil tape and a bottle of fry-light to use as a release puts me out less than £40 to make the base, with loads of matt and resin left over.

I taped up the area that I wanted to lay the fibreglass on, first with masking tape, then with foil tape. Then I drew the shape of the seat base, and a centreline on the tape with a marker pen. Then I layed a piece of the glass matt on the bike and transferred the shape of the seatbase onto it, which was then cut out. I then cut out smaller, easier to handle segments of the base to make a second layer.

I sprayed the foil with copious amounts of fry-light, so the glass fibre wouldn’t stick.  Then I mixed up the resin and set to work. Only I made a made a school-boy error that finished off the nights work. I had layed the base shaped matt on the work bench to soak it in resin, and when I tried to pick it up to put it on the bike it just fell apart in my hands. To cut another piece pf glass matt in the right shape I had to clean off the fry-light, and as it was late I threw in the towel and packed up for the night.

Next evening I had another go. This time laying the cut glass matt on the bike before soaking it in resin. That worked fine, and I was able to soak the small bits for the second layer on my bench and transfer them across. I didn’t take any pictures of actually laying the fibreglass as it’s pretty messy and I was worried about the resin setting before I’d finished, although realistically I probably had loads of time. Anyway if you want to see it done there’s loads of videos on The Tube. Next morning it had set and looked, well , like fibre glass does. Result! I think this is a pretty simple thing to master. I added two more layers the next night which takes us to the last pictures below. Now that’s cured it’s really strong. I’ve got to fit some mounts in to attach it to the frame, and I’m going to add an extra layer of fibreglass just around the edge where the seat cover will be attached to make it a bit tougher.