Frame build.

I’ve dusted off (actually scrapped the rust off) my frame jig and set to work building the frame for my next bike. Not too much to say so I’ll post up some pictures of the process. This bike will have a much steeper steering angle and more ground clearance than my previous bikes. I’ve been thinking about doing a track day somewhere when it’s finished. I’m not sure if I’ve gone too skinny with the tyres. I chose the Avon Roadrider tyres that had the recommended rim fitment the same as the wheels I’m using. 3.25 x 19 at the front that seems fine, but it’s the 4.00 x 18 at the back that I’m having doubts about as the DS1000 motor is pretty strong. There’s no point fitting a wider tyre as the contact patch stays the same unless the rim width is also increased, and I’ve got the widest wheels (2.50″) I’ve seen of this style, that I’m set on using.  I’ve fitted the tyres and need to go down to Tesco’s to use the forecourt compressor to pop them onto their rims, then I’ll have a better idea of what I’m dealing with. You’ll see once I’ve got the forks and wheels mounted on the frame.

But first, the frame….