Steering neck

Ducati Chopper Chop

Work is starting on my next bike. If you’re using a Harley front end on your chopper, happy days, there’s a wide range of steering necks available, so you can just get down to bending some tubes and welding them together. But if you’re using forks/yokes from somewhere else, you’re going to have to either make a steering neck tube, or cut one out of an original frame. I did see a ready machined steering neck for XS650 yokes, of course, but there were no bearing/yoke combinations I could find that would let me use the forks I want. So I bought some pieces of steel bar and a bit of tube and made my own.

Ducati Chopper Chop

Here’s my poor little lathe. I got it very cheap, in a terribly neglected condition, and after doing it up I’ve continued to neglect and over-work the poor thing. But it does the job. I machined the cups for the bearings, and also some recesses on the other side for the tube to slot into, as well as facing the tube off in the lathe and lightly turning the OD to make it round; as it’s welded tube it’s not particularly round. Then I welded it together.

Ducati Chopper ChopDucati Chopper ChopDucati Chopper Chop