Ducati Chopper build – One year’s work in one post!

So I’ve finished my latest bike, a 60’s/70’s style 904cc Ducati chopper, all bar going for the MSVA test on the 7th of September. I took some photos of the build as I went along, but just couldn’t get it together to do anything with them. Well with nothing particularly pressing to do – the test is booked, and I’m happy with the bike, I’ve got time to start the blog. So here’s the complete build, from start to finish in one post – enjoy!

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Cheltenham Festival of Bikes – Custom bike show.

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A great show! My bike – the red and white Ducati chopper – was on show which was really exciting. I watched people walking past it, and it was always a talking point. The show was put on by the Kick Back crew, so expectations were high, both of quality and variety, and it didn’t disappoint. Big money Harley mega customs, new wave, cafe racer bikes, performance streetfighters, an ace Star Trek themed Goldwing, choppers, bobbers and custom scooters, the show had it all. And the hall was packed despite the rain. Seriously looking forward to Donington next month.